A word from Management

Today’s global business environment is characterized by expanding foreign markets, comprehensive information networking, improved transport and distribution systems, increased competition and high customer expectations,combined with a greater level of uncertainty. In such an environment, it is widely acknowledged

that effective and efficient management of shipping logistics and supply chain activities can provide a means to gain competitive advantage in the shipping marketplace. These are competitive assets which we frequently

These are competitive assets which we frequently review to ensure that they contribute to maintaining the company’s competitive position in the eyes of our client.

Our shared core values of sincerity, integrity and respect to our customers, underpin the work we do, and are the foundation of our business principles. As JGSA, we insist on certain ethics guarding all aspects of our businesses. We are judged by how we act, and therefore our reputation is upheld if we act in accordance to the laws and international business principles. We encourage our business partners to live by same or equivalent principles. We encourage our employees to demonstrate leadership, accountability and teamwork, and through these behaviors, to contribute to the overall success of JGSA. We also support free enterprise and seek to compete fairly and ethically within the framework of applicable competition laws. 

At JGSA, we believe that long-term profitability is essential to achieving our business goals and to our continued growth. It is a measure both of efficiency and of value customers place on JGSA services. Hence; quality of shipping logistics is focused on such means of utilization for customers’ satisfaction by providing kinds of integrated services that enhance the performance in external context. Indeed; it is important to note that the quality level by which we deliver to our final customers is the result of the quality management practices of each of our partners on the supply chain, and hence; each partner plays a significant role in the logistics of the shipping industry. There is evidence to suggest that improving the quality of all logistics operations and supply chain stages result in reduced costs, improved resource utilization, and improved overall system efficiency. 

We also believe that the service quality practices are related to organizational performance and of course, lead to gain our customers’ satisfaction while providing reliable, distinguished services that comply with our strategies.

JGSA business principles have for many years been fundamentals to how we conduct our business and living by them is crucial to our continued success …

Our Mission

We exist to be the pre-eminent independent professional company for shipping logistics industry associated with logistics, supply chains and all shipping aspects throughout our professional heritage and affiliates

Our Values

JGSA share a set of core values – honesty, integrity and respect of people. We also firmly believe in the fundamentals importance of trust, openness, teamwork and professionalism, and pride in what we do.